Saturday, December 6, 2014


Assalamualaikum everybody !

It's been a long since i've not updated my blog . So today , i wanna share something with you guys about leadership . I've been experiencing two years in Alam Shah as prefects and lots of things that i can share with you guys . Those two years also spent WELL with juniors as i've been put in form 1's block for two consecutive years but nevermind , i'll take that as responsibility .

First and foremost , i've been pointed as the leader of block C as i'm the eldest among them all . So , as the first ever form 4 to actually lead block C , it was kind of awkward for me at first because i didn't really mingle well with the form 3's prefects . but time by time , things seem to be a lot more better and for the fact that i'm grateful for that . For first two months , i tell you it has been a very pressure starting year for me .

I've always kept to me this principle in leadership that is you always have to show good examples to them if you really wanna gain respect from them because respect doesn't come with age . Something dissapointing is that when you fail to understand the concept of respect . I try my ass off to do everything i could to show them good examples that eventually i hope they can implement it in their life . For me , my greatest success in leading would be when they manage to be a well-disciplined person and can contribute to school and also not to be a pain in the ass .

In the end of the year , I'm really proud and totally impressed with my junior dormmates that they managed to really follow my flow and did everything that i asked them to do . They are really going to be my models in my leadership because they have proven that being disciplined is not that hard just that you need to sacrifice a bit . There's nothing wrong about being naughty but always put a constant reminder that it has a limit .

The dissapointing part of everything was that i just don't think they are all prepared for next year . How i wish i could have a bit more time to shape ALL of them if POSSIBLE because in the end , i really don't wanna see them ruin their life in Alam Shah .

It is indeed a need to remember that people out there think that Alam Shah boys are GREAT ! Yes we are but i cannot say all of us are . If you don't know how to make use of the chance being in this school well , i won't hesitate to say that u may not be someone that people out there expect you to be . I mean like a well salary-paid person , rich , promising future and so on .

It's going to be my last year being in Alam Shah next year after 4 years of joys and tears , I want to end this 5 years in Alam Shah with the greatest glory by getting straight A+ and last but not least , to see the great legacies of Alam Shah to continue . Unity , proffesionalism and GOOD tradition are all the elements that's what makes Alam Shah a tremendous school !

I've to pen off now . Goodbye !